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Mui Ne is inherently the name of a cape protruding into the sea, the name of a sea cape in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam. This is a famous tourist center of Binh Thuan province and one of the national tourist areas of Vietnam 198km from Ho Chi Minh City. Population 1,180,300 (2011 estimate),
The name Mui Ne comes from the fact that fishermen often come here when they encounter a storm when they go to sea to take refuge. “Nose” is the headland leading to the great sea; “Dodge” means to dodge, escape the storm. This place has a harmony between the yellow color of fine sand, the iridescent color of the sun and the deep blue of the sea, creating a feeling of warmth and freshness.
Located 22km northeast of Phan Thiet city, Mui Ne (Binh Thuan) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia with a clear blue sea and wide sand dunes.
Not only famous for its white sand dunes, Mui Ne also impresses visitors by the lush green coconut groves stretching along the coast in an arc. The tall coconut trees, falling to the shore, create a poetic scene for Mui Ne beach.

Mui Ne’s Weather – When to go?

A year is divided into 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season.
The heaviest rain falls around June and July. However, this place is said to have the lowest rainfall in the country, so the rains are usually small and stop quickly.
The dry season in Mui Ne is usually pleasant and sunny. The hottest month falls in April, May, the peak is about 29-30°C.

Mui Ne’s climate is mild and pleasant, all four seasons can be visited, and rain is not a big obstacle.

1. From December to February

The weather is a bit chilly, making the scene even more poetic. Visitors can come to play sandboarding or watch the sunset gradually descend behind the colorful sand dunes. This is also the occasion when the lotus flowers in Bau Trang bloom simultaneously, creating a wonderful picture of nature with pink lotus, clear lake and immense white sand.

2. August to December

It’s time for wave lovers. If the summer waves are quiet and tasteless, this season the waves are joyful, youthful again, undulating just enough but not too strong. Those who love surfing, canoeing and swimming activities should travel to Mui Ne from August to December.

3. The end April to early July

The hottest time of the year in Mui Ne is from the end of April to the beginning of July. Although the sun is hot, this is the time when Mui Ne welcomes the most tourists because, in the midst of the sweltering summer day, everyone wants to immerse themselves in the cool seawater. Therefore, summer is the peak season for beach tourism in general, not just Mui Ne.
Mui Ne each season has a different look, each time has a different nuance.

How To Go To Mui Ne From Ho Chi Minh City


These bus companies depart from Mien Dong bus station or De Tham street, District 1 by coach. Kumho,


Two trains from Saigon to Phan Thiet you can choose from:
– The SPT2 train departs from 6:40 AM – 10:26 AM.
– The SPT4 train departs from 7:25 AM – 11:10AM.

Limousine Bus

Ticket price from 200-250VND/person


Starting from Ho Chi Minh City in the direction of National Highway 1A, you will arrive in Binh Thuan province. Then, at the Suoi Cat crossroads, turn right to Phan Thiet and continue on provincial route 706 to Mui Ne.

How To Go From Hanoi to Mui Ne

Phan Thiet city, 1510 km south of Hanoi.

1. Passenger car

With a distance of 1510 km, if you go by car, it will take you up to 27 hours by car. You can buy tickets right at the bus station with reputable and quality bus operators such as Mai Linh Express, Hoang Long…

  • Ticket price ranges from 700,000 to 800,000 VND

2. Train

Compared to the car, the train is quite fast and safe for you to choose to go to Mui Ne. You can buy tickets directly at Hanoi station with trains such as SE3, SE5, SE7, or TN1 with a frequency of 5 trips/day.
If you choose the train, you will have to stop at Binh Thuan station and then continue from Binh Thuan station to move to Mui Ne about 39 km more.

  • Train ticket prices range from 441,000 to 1,531,000 VND depending on the airline.

3. Airplanes

Option 1: Depart from Noi Bai airport and land at Tan Son Nhat airport. Then you continue to move from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet by train or bus. From Saigon to Mui Ne, it will take you more than 4 hours to travel.

Option 2: depart from Noi Bai airport and land at Cam Ranh airport (Nha Trang) and continue to depart for Phan Thiet. From Cam Ranh airport to Mui Ne, it will take you about 4 hours to travel with a distance of 219 km.

Means of Transportation in Mui Ne
Popular means of transportation in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet are motorbikes, jeep rentals, or taxis.

The ideal destination in Mui Ne

1. Mui Ne Flying Sand Dunes

It is the erosion of sand that has created countless interesting shapes like mirages. The living scene is always changing, almost not overlapping every day. In addition to the usual yellow color, the sand here is also ivory white, gray-white, pink, light red… creating very beautiful color patches.

2. Mui Ne White Sand Dunes

Located in the complex of Mui Ne Bay Sand Dunes, White Sand Dunes is most prominent by the beautiful ivory white sand color. In particular, in the windy seasons, the movement of sand will create strange shapes.

3. Fairy Stream Mui Ne

Dubbed the “relief of nature”, Suoi Tien Mui Ne landscape possesses a majestic and brilliant beauty with a stream dyed in alluvium, flowing around the mountainside. Each season of the year, Fairy Stream Mui Ne brings a different beauty.

4. Mui Ne Wine Castle

This castle was built by the owner in the ancient European architectural style, with huge wine cellars below. Visitors here not only visit, buy wine but also taste world-famous wines.

5. Poshanu Tower Mui Ne

Known as the great symbol of the Champa Kingdom, Poshanu Cham Towers possesses great values in terms of art, history, culture, and architecture. All the spiers are used construction materials are red burnt Cham bricks. This is one of the clusters of towers that are still relatively intact today

6. Bau Sen

Located in the area of white sand dunes, Bau Sen emerges as a beautiful freshwater lake shimmering among giant sand dunes. In the sunshine like the coastal desert, Bau Sen lake becomes shimmering and blurry.

7. Rom Island

Because of the lack of strong tourism exploitation, this small island still retains almost intact its wild and liberal beauty. The sun and nature are simple, but all in all, it is a beauty that is strangely peaceful and simple.

8. Kitesurfing

This subject is currently popular in Mui Ne and Phan Rang areas. These 2 areas have a lot of players, most of which are foreigners. Wind and sea conditions here are extremely favorable for kitesurfing and there are two main wind seasons here, which are southerly and irregular.

The wind is unusually stronger and more regular and usually starts from November to April every year, so this is the peak season for this sport. If you learn in this season, you will know how to play very quickly.

And the south wind is less and often irregular with occasional rain, sudden thunderstorms. This season is the low season for this sport from June to October every year.

What to Eat in Mui Ne?

1. Seafood

Seafood in Mui Ne is famous for being delicious and cheap, especially, you can buy seafood directly from fishermen, when the boat arrives early in the morning. Some special seafood dishes you should try in Mui Ne are fish salad, snail salad, grilled squid teeth, steamed or grilled shrimp, and crab.

2. Rolled rice paper rolls

Also the rice paper but unlike the rice paper in other regions, the sticky rice paper rolls in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet are rolled with spicy, fatty fish sauce, and quail eggs, which are delicious and easy to eat.

3. Grilled Sand Iguana

Thunderstorm meat is said to be more fragrant, tender, and fatty than chicken. With a unique local processing method, grilled pork belly has become a distinct specialty in Mui Ne.

4. Banh Re

Crispy, attractive, not too sweet flavor has satisfied many people from the first taste.

5. Grilled Squid Teeth

Squid teeth are actually small round meat, located right at the mouth of the squid. It feels chewy when eating. Squid teeth are often chosen as an appetizer when you go to eat at specialty restaurants in Mui Ne.

6. Banh Beo Chen

Banh Beo cup is a simple breakfast dish for local people. The taste of Banh Beo here is very different from Hue’s banh beo because of its sweeter taste. The cake is served with green beans, shrimp meat, fat, fish sauce, tomato sauce, and crushed peanuts to create a rich, eye-catching red color.

7. Banh Canh Cha Ca

Mui Ne soup cake has a sweeter taste than fish cake soup in other places like Nha Trang, Da Nang,… Visitors can also enjoy it with bread to eat with the broth, which is also very strange.

8. Quai Vac Cake

Unlike the fried Banh Quai in the North, the banh quai cauldron in Mui Ne is steamed. The transparent skin of the cake can clearly see the shrimp meat, green beans inside. The cake is served with lightly mixed fish sauce with onion fat, which is quite delicious. Eating about 5-7 pieces at a time is enough to fill you up for the afternoon.

What to buy as a gift when traveling to Mui Ne?

Phan Thiet fish sauce, Phan Thiet rice cake, Dragon fruit, One-sun squid, Dried shrimp with dried squid, Phan Thiet fish sauce,
Some experiences when traveling to Mui Ne.

  • Even though it’s at the sea, it gets dark very quickly. By 4 o’clock, it’s no longer sunny, so if you want to take pictures in the sun, you have to go early.
  • Renting a jeep is more fun and cheaper. And it is recommended to take a jeep because the road is also quite far, it will be tiring to ride a motorbike.
  • If you want to take pictures of the sea, you should go early before 11 am because the sand beach will be wider and cleaner.
  • It is better to book a room directly at the hotel, the price will be cheaper.
  • Restaurants, hotels, and resorts are all on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, but this road is quite long, so you need a motorbike to move around.
  • If you want to visit the Sand Dunes, the most suitable time is from 7-8 am when the temperature is only from 25 – 27 degrees Celsius. At this time, the sand dunes have not been heated so you can comfortably walk barefoot. Walk on the sand to see the beauty of Mui Ne.
  • If your purpose of coming to Mui Ne is mainly for swimming, you should note that you should not swim in July and August because this time seaweed thrives, the seawater is likely to be polluted by algae and cloudy. , has the potential to cause skin allergies
    I hope the above sharing will help you have an enjoyable trip. Mui Ne is one of the great tourist destinations combining the blue sea and golden sand, which brings a wild beauty for you to explore. This will be one of the great options for you to explore this summer.

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