Enjoying Spring in Tay Bac
Enjoying Spring in Tay Bac   (Feb 03, 2010)
When Spring arrives, Tay Bac (the entire north-western region of Vietnam) seems to be awaken after a long sleep with peach and Ban flowers blooming. It becomes more bustling and animated with traditional festivals and markets of the ethnic groups, attracting many visitors both at home and abroad.
Copper Casting by Ngu Xa Artisans
Ngu Xa Village, located west of the former Thang Long capital (present-day Hanoi ) has practised the craft of copper casting for more than four centuries. Through the village’s ups…
Air with oxygen at Yang Bay
Air with oxygen at Yang Bay   (Feb 03, 2010)
Yang Bay Tourist Area in Y Bay Tribe, Khanh Vinh District, Khanh Hoa Province, is suggested as an ideal site for tourists to celebrate the Tet holiday and discover this…
Hoping for a bumper crop   (Feb 02, 2010)
Hoping for a bumper crop
Muong ethnic people in the northern province of Hoa Binh tend to celebrate their new crops with the pomp and circumstance of the events. While breezes are rustling the yellow stubbles remaining in the rice fields, the Muong in Hoa Binh are busy preparing for their New Rice Feast.
Simacai Heaven’s Gate   (Feb 02, 2010)
Simacai Heaven’s Gate
Combining the poetic charms of its wild scenery and the simple daily lives of its people, “Heaven’s Gate”, as people often call Simacai, is becoming more and more attractive to travellers. Si Ma Cai is located in a remote mountain area of Lao Cai Province, at the far end of a road near the border with China and is inhabited by ethnic people.
Reflecting on life   (Jan 31, 2010)
Reflecting on life
The water surface is so still you can see the veins of the leaves of the trees above reflected in it.Truoi Lake, which is named after the location, lies in a grassy valley nestled between mountains.
Peace at the end of the road   (Jan 31, 2010)
Peace at the end of the road
Memories of a battle-torn Cu Chi in her youth, when she fought in the tunnels, have spurred a veteran soldier to turn the land into a park to preserve its history.
Up to the forest, down to the sea
The sunlight of early morning wakes the hidden charms of the white-sand beaches and forests of Chua Mountain National Park in Ninh Thuan Province and shows the path to a number of unparalleled natural attractions.
Mu Cang Chai: charming and peaceful
Mu Cang Chai, lying at the foot of the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range in Yen Bai Province about 350 kilometers from Hanoi and 1,000 meters above sea level, is one of the poorest mountainous regions in Vietnam and is home to many terraced fields which have been recognized as a national heritage and as Asia’s most beautiful terraced fields.
Ancient Pottery Village of Phuoc Tich
Located near the O Lau River in Phong Hoa Commune, Phong Dien District, Thua Thien-Hue Province, Phuoc Tich Village is famous nationwide for the craft of making pottery. The village was established over 500 years ago in the 15th century under the reign of King Le Thanh Tong (1460-1497) with the initial name of Dong Quyet and subsequently renamed Phuoc Tich during the Nguyen Dynasty…
Exploring nature at Ba Be Lake   (Jan 11, 2010)
Exploring nature at Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake, which is called the green pearl amidst Tay Bac Forest and has been recognized as a national forest reserve area, is suggested as a must-visit destination for those who want to flee the heat, smoke and busy city life to relax in nature. Those who once drift on Ba Be Lake can not forget the splendid surroundings and daily activities of the…
Lang Pagoda   (Jan 10, 2010)
Lang Pagoda
Lang Pagoda, also called Chieu Thien Pagoda, is located on the land of the old Lang Village (present-day Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi), 6km west of the city centre. The Pagoda was built in the 12th century under King Ly Anh Tong’s Dynasty (1138-1175) to worship Buddha, King Ly Than Tong (who reigned from 1128 to 1138) and Buddhist monk Tu Dao Hanh…
Minutes in stillness and peace at Giac Lam Pagoda
Giac Lam Pagoda, built in 1744 and considered the oldest pagoda in HCMC, is recommended as a place to learn about traditional culture and architecture.
Trang An Eco-Tourist Site   (Jan 10, 2010)
Trang An Eco-Tourist Site
Our boat left a wharf on the Sao Khe River and led to Trang An Eco-Tourist Site, a wild but very attractive area in Gia Vien District, Ninh Binh Province.
Alleys form soul of old Hoi An   (Jan 04, 2010)
Alleys form soul of old Hoi An
Falling in love with Hoi An in the central province of Quang Nam is to fall in love with its wonderful alleyways, which for locals are the soul of their home town.