Celebrating the 56th anniversary of Vietnam Tourism July 9, 1960 - July 9, 2016
Then singing of the Nung
Then singing of the Nung   (Aug 26, 2016)
Then singing, also called Lau Then, is a traditional kind of ritual singing of the Nung. Then singing reflects the Nung’s religious life as well as their cultural values.
Grilled skewered food is a special treat of Sa Pa
With weather being cool all year round, Sa Pa Town in the northern upland province of Lao Cai is an ideal place to enjoy grilled food.
Banh Ran (Vietnamese donut)
Banh Ran (Vietnamese donut)   (Aug 26, 2016)
‘Banh ran’ is a delicious finger food for breakfast in Viet Nam. There are two main kinds of banh ran, namely salty cake and sweet one with the latter being…
Thanh Hoa’s version of Ha Long Bay
Ben En National Park in Thanh Hoa Province looks like Ha Long Bay, the UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site in Quang Ninh Province, as it has 21 islets in an immense lake.
A forgotten island in Phu Yen   (Aug 23, 2016)
A forgotten island in Phu Yen
The central coast province of Phu Yen is home to multiple scenic venues and Mai Nha Island is one of them. Called a forgotten or deserted island by local people, the island is a choice for tourists who are finding a place to enjoy serenity.
Visiting the most beautiful ancient house in Can Tho
Located on Bui Huu Nghia Street, Can Tho City, the Binh Thuy ancient house is a rare ancient constructions in Viet Nam which has been well preserved and kept intact, allowing visitors to explore the culture and the life of Southwest region’s people in the 20th century.
Con Co Island - A place to dive and admire coral reefs
Near shore coral reefs are one of the three tourism “specialties” of Con Co Island District in Quang Tri Province, attracting a large number of travelers. This interesting feature of this beautiful and pristine island makes it advisable for a visitor to the island to enjoy diving with a local guide in the early morning.
Dong Xam silver craft village   (Aug 18, 2016)
Dong Xam silver craft village
Dong Xam is a famous silver carving craft village in Thai Binh province. The village also embraces a rich cultural tradition.
A tranquil island off Quy Nhon   (Aug 17, 2016)
A tranquil island off Quy Nhon
Ky Co Island off Quy Nhon City has recently been suggested by experienced tour guides as a must-visit destination for travelers who want to indulge themselves in serenity.
Visiting the pagoda with the highest Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue in Viet Nam
(TITC) - Besides charming beaches with blue sea, white sand, Da Nang City also attracts visitors by unique spiritual tourist sites, typically Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda.
Visiting Ham Rong Historical Cultural Relic
(TITC) - The site of Ham Rong in Thanh Hoa Province has gone down in history of the resistance war against American Empire (1955-1975). It is also known for the wonderful natural landscapes of river, mountains, caves...
Cuisine of the Nung   (Aug 10, 2016)
Cuisine of the Nung
The Nung live at higher elevations and have a tradition of self-sufficiency. The Nung live close to nature and eat whatever they can grow or gather in the forest. Some of their dishes have become specialties of Lang Son’s tourism.
Con Vanh - new destination in Thai Binh
Part of the Red River Biosphere Reserve which was recognized by UNESCO in 1994, Con Vanh Ecological Tourist Site is a famous destination.
Grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane - a delicious dish of Hue
Grilled shrimp paste on sugar cane was originally created by the ingenious cooks for the imperial kitchen in Hue.
Visiting Phu Quoc Prison Relic   (Aug 04, 2016)
Visiting Phu Quoc Prison Relic
(TITC) - Located in An Thoi Town, Phu Quoc Island District, Kien Giang Province, 30km to the southeast of Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Prison Relic was also known as “The living hell” because American-Sai Gon puppet government used many brutal torture forms, such as nailing, barbed-wire cages, burying alive… to subdue Vietnamese revolutionaries’ fighting will.