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Giao Thong

Danh lam thang canh
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Bao tang
Le hoi

Chi dan du lich
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Giao Thong


Tomb of Duc Duc

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In comparison with the tombs of other Emperors, Duc Duc's tomb present a simpler and modest architecture.

The whole rectangular tomb has a surface of 3,445m2. Inside, there are no temple or stone statues. The entrance is a rather big triple gate made of brick and topped with a false roof.


Royal Tombs

- Tomb of Gia Long
- Tomb of Minh Mang
- Tomb of Thieu Tri
- Tomb of Tu Duc
- Tomb of Duc Duc
- Tomb of Dong Khanh
- Tomb of Khai Dinh

Capital City
Historical Vestiges

Behind the gate, the Honour courtyard does not contained stone statues either, but is decorated instead with parapets. Next, is another three-layer triple gate, also with a false roof, and decorated with designs enhanced with ceramic chips.

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In the middle of the surrounding wall (Buu Thanh) is Huynh Oc house, roofed with yellow tiles. The interior decoration is simple: one bed and one table made of Thanh stone used to place altar and offerings during ceremonies. On each side, the graves of Emperor Duc Duc and Queen Tu Minh lie symmetrically. The screen in front of the Emperor tomb bears two words "Song Hy" or "double happiness".

Long An Temple is in the centre of the area, built after the model of the existing palaces in Hue. Inside are three altars dedicated to the three emperors: Duc Duc (in the middle, with his wife), Thanh Thai (on the left) and Duy Tan (on the right).

These two patriotic emperors (Thanh Thai and Duy Tan) rest in the back of Long An. There are also tombs of the Emperor's relatives.