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Giao Thong

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Bordered by a 100km long-coastline, Thua Thien Hue Province has a quite central position in Vietnam. It is crossed by National Highway IA and the National Railway.


Besides the popular  means of transportation in the town (bicycle, cyclo, motorbike), you can also take the bus, a taxi (Gili, Hue ATC, etc) or rent a car, at travel agencies or car rental companies. There is also a domestic airport in Hue.


- Dong Ba Bus-Station
823055; Add: 6 Tran Hung Dao St.
- Nguyen Hoang Bus-Station
526523; Add: 3 Le Duan St.
- Southern Bus-Station

826065; Add: 333A Hung Vuong St.

1. Provincial lines:

Lines Distance Price (VND)
Hue - Vinh Hien 54 km 7,300
Hue - Vinh An 42 km 5,800
Hue - Binh Dien 26 km 3,500
Hue - Truoi 26 km 3,500
Hue - Pho Trach 31km 4,500
Hue - Phong An 24 km 3,200
Hue - Sia 27 km 3,600
Hue - Van Xa 14 km 3,000
Hue - An Lo 19 km 3,000

2. Inter-provincial lines:
3. Tourism vehicles:

It is also possible to rent 4, 12, 24 and 45 seat-vehicles.

-Tourism companies:

+Vietnam Tourism Hanoi, Branch in Hue  Tel: 821427; Add:  18 Le Loi St.
+Hue Tourism Company  Tel: 823577; Add: 18 Le Loi St.
+Huong Giang Tourism Company, Travel Centre  Tel:
832610; Add: 17 Le Loi St.

- Private rental companies:

+ Cao Van Nhan  Tel: 522025; Add: 30/10 Le Thanh Ton St.
+ Hoan Thien  Tel:
826655; Add:  Toa Kham ferry station
+ Mr Tran Duy Vong  Tel:
522628; Add:  521 Le Duan St.
+ Miss Xuan Trang  Tel: 82664; Add: 30 Nguyen Hue St.