Sa Pa, Fanxipang on top 10 Southeast Asian hikes
Update: Jun 13, 2017
Tourism website Skyscanner has introduced top 10 Southeast Asian hikes with hundreds of exciting experiments and activities. Sa Pa and Fansipan- two famous tourism hot spots of Viet Nam ranked third and fourth.

Skyscanner describes that from its verdant scenery to its towering green peaks, Sa Pa has everything a hiking aficionado craves for. Plus, it has a variety of trails to suit all levels of hikers. Furthermore, Sapa has refreshing temperatures and is home to hill tribes with colorful cultures.

Meanwhile, Fansipan, Viet Nam’s highest mountain, is named as the “Roof of Indochina” .With an impressive elevation of 3,143 meters, it is, after all, an extremely steep mountain that’s only recommended for those who are in tip-top shape. To reach the summit, climber needs to spend a great deal of energy and effort. But, they will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and a plethora of stunning views.