Shrimp fried with Tay Ninh salt
Update: May 29, 2017
Shrimp fried with Tay Ninh salt is a popular dish in Ho Chi Minh City. The dish  is crispy with a savoury and piquant taste.

The delicious dish of shrimp fried with Tay Ninh salt

To make the dish, it necessary to select fresh shrimp and Tay Ninh salt –  a specialty from Tay Ninh Province. First, clean and peel the shrimp and then use a bamboo stick to pierce the body of a shrimp. Roll the shrimp in wheat flour before adding whipped eggs and then cover with a layer of tempura flour. Fry the shrimp until they become brown. Take them out to drain.

To make spices, grind dried shrimp, Tay Ninh salt, dried red pepper and blend the mixture with sugar and seasoning to taste. Mix well the shrimp with the prepared spices. The dish is served best with rice.