Ho Chi Minh City prepares for Street Book Festival
Update: Jan 10, 2017
Ho Chi Minh City’s annual Street Book Festival will be held from January 25 to 31, the city People’s Committee has announced.

Ho Chi Minh City – A Desire to Thrive will be the theme of the 2017 festival, authorities said.

For the first time the books will be displayed by category, with the three main ones being Proud of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City, a Hospitable and Modern Place to Live, and Desire to Thrive.

Each will have several sub-sections.

For instance, the sub-sections of Proud of Ho Chi Minh City will be Ho Chi Minh City – 40 Years of Development and President Ho Chi Minh, a Role Model.

Under these sub-sections, many books showcasing the city’s 40 years of achievements in various fields like literature, economics, and culture, together with documents from the 10th city Party Congress last year, will be displayed.

Books written by President Ho Chi Minh and those about his contributions will also feature.

Stories about and the experiences of successful entrepreneurs will feature in a sub-section called Entrepreneurs and Their Start-up Stories.

There will be children’s books and books about Vietnamese customs.

The fair will be held in District 1’s Mac Thi Buoi, Nguyen Hue, Ngo Duc Ke streets.

Together with Nguyen Van Binh Book Street, and the annual Ho Chi Minh City Book Fair, the Street Book Festival has been attracting city residents for the last six years.