Bac Ninh: Promoting cultural tourism in Thuan Thanh district
Update: Oct 12, 2015
Head of General Department Nguyen Van Tuan had a working day with leader of Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh to discover some measures to develop local tourism, especially cultural tourism on October 08.

Addressing at the working day, head of Nguyen Van Tuan highly appreciated advantages of Thuan Thanh district about natural resource of tourism, geography, material infrastructure to develop cultural tourism.

The district is home to 126 relics such as Luy Lau ancient city, Dau pagoda; But Thap pagoda, tomb and the worshipping temple of Duong Vuong King.

However, exploiting potentialities of tourism exists limit by lack of visitor to come the relics.

It is required to create some potentialities of tourism to turn the industry into attractive destination.

To develop Thuan Thanh tourism, the district also creates more jobs for local people to contribute to develop socio-economy.
About connecting with Thuan Thanh tourism, the province should pay attention to some main destinations; introduce some destinations through travel agency, website of the Tourism Administration.

Also, Thuan Thanh district should propagandize and launch the community to create more cultural and friendly environment for tourist.