Mong ethnic people in Meo Vac celebrate New Year
Mong ethnic people in Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province celebrate their New Year or Tet one month earlier than Lunar New Year.
The Khmer in Viet Nam
The Khmer in Viet Nam   (Jan 05, 2016)
Viet Nam has 1.3 million Khmer people living in the southern provinces of Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Kien Giang, An Giang, Bac Lieu, Can Tho, and Vinh Long. 
Typical marriage ritual of the San Chi
The San Chi in Bac Giang province still practice their traditional marriage rituals. 
Trading sessions in northwestern Viet Nam
Scheduled trading sessions are what make ethnic minorities in the nation’s northwestern upland unique.
Kho Mu people perform traditional rain ritual
Around twenty people from Kho Mu community in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien conducted a ritual to pray for rain on the outskirts of Ha Noi on November 16.
Unique architecture of Dong Van
The charm of Ha Giang is not limited to its beautiful fields of buckwheat flowers, its breathtaking roads, and authentic ethnic markets. Ha Giang province is also home to amazing architectural treasures. 
Market sessions in Ha Giang   (Nov 11, 2015)
Market sessions in Ha Giang
Markets in Ha Giang always attract tourists because they are not just places for buying and selling, they are also meeting places for local ethnic minority people.
Folk songs of the San Chi   (Nov 09, 2015)
Folk songs of the San Chi
The San Chi have developed a rich cultural tradition with various types of folk arts. “Sinh ca” is a type of call and response singing that has been preserved and promoted in their everyday life for generations. 
Rain praying ritual of the Lo Lo in Ha Giang
The Lo Lo celebrate many rituals each year - the spring ritual, the corn picking ritual, and the rain praying ritual. The Lo Lo in Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, have held a rain praying festival for generations. 
Gu Bla - unique sculpture of Cor people
Gu Bla, one of the main sculptural works used in the Cor ethnic group’s buffalo sacrifice festival in Tra Bong district in the central province of Quang Ngai, is slowly being forgotten as the festival’s popularity decreases. 
Earrings of the Mong in Son La   (Oct 12, 2015)
Earrings of the Mong in Son La
Viet Nam’s northwestern region appeals to visitors for its natural beauty and the unique culture of local ethnic groups, which includes their costumes and architecture. 
Culture of the Lo Lo on the Dong Van stone plateau
The Lo Lo, also called the Mun Di, Man Di, La La, O Man, or Lu Loc Man, live mainly in the northern mountain provinces of Ha Giang and Cao Bang. 
Cultural characteristics of the Bo Y
The Bo Y have the smallest population of the 54 ethnic groups in Viet Nam. About 3,000 Bo Y people live in a few hamlets in Quan Ba and Dong Van district in the northern border province of Ha Giang.
Pu Peo people preserve traditional clothes
The Pu Peo are an ethnic minority group in the mountainous province of Ha Giang. Their costumes exhibit beautiful color combinations. 
“Chu Dau” Ceramic - Vietnamese cultural quintessence
Chu Dau Ceramic reflects the Vietnamese cultural characters human values of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Local Religion. It’s natural shape, bright and clear enamel, simply beautiful patterns have expressed the Viet Nam national culture.