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Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival

Time: 14th day of the first lunar month.

Place: Co Me Village, Vu Ninh Commune, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province.

Objects of worship: Ba Chua Kho (The Queen of Stock), four gods: Thien phu, Dia phu, Thuy phu, and Nhac phu.

Characteristics: Incense offering ceremony, custom of borrowing money from her (only symbolizing) to pray for property  and good luck.


It is said that Lady Chua Kho was a hard working woman. After marrying the king of Ly Dynasty, she asked for going to Vu Ninh area, recruited villagers for establishing village, expanded the wasteland, organized production in 72 small villages. She also kept an eyes on the food stock, maintained military provisions well during and after the victory of Song invaders in Nhu Nguyet Rive (Cau River) in 1076. When she died, people built a temple to dedicated to her. Annually, the temple attracts a great number of people from the whole country to worship and pray for good fortune and borrow money from her in working of the whole year.

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