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Chol Chnam Thmay Festival

Time: From the 1st to the 3rd day of Chet month (according to Buddhist calendar, equivalent to the 12th to 15th day of April by solar calendar).
Objects of worship: Welcoming the God of the New Year, Buddha and ancestors.
Characteristics: The traditional Tet (New Year) of the Khmer community, seeing the old year off and welcoming the New Year.
Participator: The Khmer people in the southern provinces.

Tet Doan Ngo

Time: 5th day of the fifth lunar month.
Every house of the Kinh (Viet).
Characteristics: This is the middle year festival for the prevention of disease and ward off evil spirits (the day of changing weather from spring to summer, this is the time easy to get pathogen). On the day of “killing insects”, every one has to get up early, eat fermented sticky and fruits. The worshipping is held at noon, hour of Ngo.

Tet Han Thuc (Cold goods Tet)

Time: 3rd day of the third lunar month.
Almost the regions of the Viet.
Offering glutinous rice flour cakes stuffed with plum of brown sugar (banh troi), glutinous rice flour cakes stuffed with green bean paste (banh chay) to worship ancestors, an occasion for people to visit and tidy the burial graves of relatives, having fun in spring.    (Detail)

Tet Trung Nguyen

Time: 15th day of the seventh lunar month.
Place: Pagodas in the country and in families.
Objects of worship: The Buddha.
Characteristics: The deceased pardoning ceremony, praying to clear of false charges.    (Detail)

Tet Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival)

Time: 15th day of the eighth lunar month.
Every family.
Objects of worship: The Moon.
Characteristics: Feast of banh nuong and banh deo (pastries), procession of lights, lion dance.

Vietnamese Tet (Tet Nguyen Dan)

Time: The 30th day of the twelfth lunar month of the previous year to the 3rd day of the first lunar month of the new year.
Objects of worship:
grandparents and ancestors.
Participator: The biggest national festival that attracts to people through the country.
- Nice clothes, or traditional costumes. 
- Ritual of ancestral worshipping and a rite to see Tao Quan (Kitchen God) off.
- Best wishes for a prosperous New Year and family gathering.

Hoa Binh

Cau Phuc Festival (Praying for good fortune Festival)

Time:The eighth lunar month.
Place:Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province.
Characteristics: The Praying for good fortune Festival of the Thai in Mai Chau. Every family prepares worshipping meal to set table in common shrine follow the principles: this year the offering is chicken, next year the offering is pig. In the afternoon, each family kills two chickens to worship Kitchen God (set in house) and Earth genie (set at field).

Harvest Festival

Time: The tenth lunar month.
Place: Muong Bi Commune, Tan Lac District, Hoa Binh Province.
Characteristics: Harvest Festival is held after harvesting bumper crop in the 10th lunar month. During the Harvest Festival, the Muong also worship parents, ancestors.

Ke Pagoda Festival

Time: The 16th day of the second lunar month.
Place: Phu Vinh Commune, Tan Lac District, Hoa Binh Province.
Objects of worship: The Stone (the remnants of the religion on all things efficacious that are metamorphosed by the Buddha)
Characteristics: Games of con throwing, spin the top, bow-shooting contest.

Praying for rain Festival of the Muong

Time: The fourth lunar month.
Place: Tech Lim Ground, My Hoa Commune, Tan Lac District, Hoa Binh Province.
Characteristics: Praying-for-rain ceremony is held at the Tech Lim Ground, the chief of hamlet lays feast tray. Don and Chuong hamlets arrange their troops to perform mock battle and pray the King Water for rain.


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