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The complex of Hue Monuments


The complex of Hue Monuments straddling the Perfume River, most of which remaining unchanged were officially recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2003 by UNESCO.


The Imperial City of Hue, the capital of Viet Nam during the reign of the Nguyen Dynasty, the last one in Viet Nam is one of the oldest cities in Viet Nam.  


The complex of Hue Monument is a typical example about the sophisticated combination between architecture and nature, the Eastern and Western architecture based on the North and the South in compass, which have 3 rounds: the outside one is the wall, the middle is the imperial citadel and the imperial palace is in the last one. Palaces are splendid and magnificent along grandiose Ky Dai and Ngo Mon. On the yard of The Mieu (Temple), there is a treasure called nine crowns decorated with picturesque and vivid patterns about nature, plants, animals and customs of Vietnamese, reflecting technological achievement and cooper casting art in the 19th century.  


7 royal tombs have their own architectural style and characteristics full of different impression of 9 Nguyen different dynasties.

There are some antique temples that still remain now such as Thien Mu, Dieu De, Tu Dam, Thuyen Ton, Thanh Duyen…


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