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Nui Coc Lake

Location: Nui Coc Lake is located approximately 90km from Hanoi and 25km south west of Thai Nguyen City.
Characteristics: Nui Coc Lake lies in magnificent landscapes of a mountainous area. With charming natural scenery, Nui Coc is close to romantic love legend - the boy name Cong and the girl name Coc.


Nui Coc Lake is a reservoir with the area of 25km2, 23m depth. The lake is surrounded by mountains and includes 89 islands, concealing mysterious legends, some covered with trees and others housing flocks of storks or mountain goats. Nearby the lake, Coc Mountain stands imposingly amid the blue sky, the bright sunshine over every blade of grass and twig, all creating marvelous and splendid scenery.

The lake comprises many islets; some are covered with trees, some with flocks of birds, and others with mountain goats. About 40 species of birds and 15 species of mammals have been recorded in the reservoir area.

If you have time, cruise to visit Co Island covered with tree, enjoy the view of overall Nui Coc Lake.

TEL: (04) 3.944.7571
08) 3.821.6065

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