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Hermitage Bien Duc Thien An

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Ancient Contructions
- Ho Quyen - Tiger's Arena
- Hue Temple of Letters - Van Mieu Hue
- Hon Chen Temple
- Thanh Toan Tile - Roofed Bridge
- Quoc Hoc School - Dong Khanh School
Hermitage Bien Duc Thien An

Pagodas and Cathedrals

The Hermitage Bien Duc Thien An, usually name Thien Duc Hermitage, has been founded in Summer 1940 by the Bien Duc French hermits with the name of Thien An (Peace from Heaven). The Hermitage is situated on the Thien An Hill - the name of the hill comes from that of the Hermitage. Before the hermitage managed also an infirmary and a school; the students by now have become cadres mainly of the locality. To day the hermitage is only a place for religious formation.

The hermitage is surrounded by a quiet pine forest, situated between the tomb of Thieu Tri and that of Ming Mang, about 6 km from the ancient capital Hue, in the South - Western direction. Walking in this Thien An pine hill, the tourist would think he is somewhere in the forests around Da Lat. Here is the Thuy Tien lake, and there the Luu Ly lake, all this contribute to enhance the charm, the poetic and dreamy spell of the Thien An hill, making it a tourism and entertainment site, and a picnicking zone for schoolboys and students.

The heritage with this quiet and silent environment helps its members to deepen in their religious meditations, and also creates more favourable conditions to all those who come here to fray and search for peace of mind.