Tree Stories

Thoi tiet
Ban do
Giao Thong
Giao Thong

Danh lam thang canh
Di tich
Bao tang
Le hoi

Chi dan du lich
Khach san
Nha hang
Quay Luu Niem
Giai Tri

Ngan Hang
Dien thoai can thiet
Buu Chinh Vien Thong
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Popular Means of Transportation

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Usually found at An Cuu and Dong Ba Bus Stations, at the Train Station or in front of commercial areas. It costs 1,000 VND/km/person

Xe Om (motorbike-taxi)
There are not as many moto-taxis in Hue as in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, but it is possible to hire them for a few hours or for the whole day.
Price is about 2,000VND/km/person

The cyclos in Hue are a bit different from those of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City: They are higher and slightly narrower. They are a wonderful way of discovering the charming old streets of the city.

Price is about 2 USD/1 hour/person for the Foreign visitors and 15,000VND/1 hour/person for the Vietnamese.

Motorbike rental
You can rent motorbikes in private companies, which are concentrated in hotels like Thang Long, (2 Le Loi St.), Hoa Hong , Khai Hoan, etc. You can also call Mr Tien: 847238
It costs around 10,000 - 15,000 VND/1 hour; 60,000-70,000 VND/a day (12 hours).

Imperial boats
Today, Imperial boats have become a popular way to enjoy a wonderful trip on the Perfume River. Listening to music and dropping flower garlands or coloured lanterns, you will appreciate the special flavour of old times Hue City.
You can contact the Board of Boat Management; Tel: 846744 - 846743 - 828853
The price depends on the boat and tour you chose.

- Hue-Linh Mu: 80,000 VND/single boat (160,000 VND/double boat)
- Hue-Hon Chen Palace: 100,000 VND/single boat (200,000 VND/double boat)
- Hue-Minh Mang Temple: 135,000 VND/single boat (270,000 VND/double boat)
- Hue-Bao Vinh: 50,000 VND/ hour/single boat

If you want to enjoy Hue’s singing, you can rent a private boat for 270,000 VND (1 hour and a half for 20 people) or for 370,000 VND for 60 people.