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Duong No Village

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Duong No village is the place where President Ho Chi Minh lived and studied when he was young.


Historical Vestiges

- Ho Chi Minh Museum
Duong No Village

Capital City

Here, nowadays, the local authorities are keeping the house which reminds of the time when Uncle Ho lived and studied there as well as the exhibits of his childhood in Duong No.
Nhatuongniem_DNo2.gif (11643 bytes)Duong No village now belongs to Phu Duong
Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue Province. The village is situated on the Hue - Thuan An road, about 8 km from the city. This is a village founded by Vietnamese people a long time ago. Some centuries ago, Duong No was already a rich and busy village and was the land with the literature and military tradition. The village temple was built early with a huge and striking design reflecting itself in Pho Loi Ha canal, its beautiful and majestic architecture, a typical vestige of a Vietnamese traditional village style.

In 1898, Nguyen Sinh Huy (the father of Uncle Ho) was in

vited by Nguyen Viet Tuyen, an official of the Law Ministry to come from Duong No village to teach his children to prepare for the exam in the province. At that time the little boy Nguyen Sinh Cung (Uncle Ho's name then) followed his father to Duong No village.

He began to study Chinese here with the pupils of his father. Mr. Huy and his son were given a five-room house (three rooms and two wings) to use as a place to live and to teach the pupils by the family of Mr. Nguyen Van Do. Cung lived with his father at Duong No until 1900. When Mr. Huy had to go to Thanh Hoa to receive the position of a supervisor of the Ancient Examination of the province, Cung returned to the city to live with his mother, Mrs Hoang Thi Loan at 112 Mai Thuc Loan St. Hue. 

The House at Duong No village was built facing the Southeast. Later on, the house was burnt. Mr Do had one room and two wings rebuilt. After 1975, our country was reunified, the local people have preserved and restored this house following the former architecture so that it can be used as a place of memory, which shows the high esteem and admiration of the people to the great leader of our people.

Nowadays, when tourists come to Duong No, they will not only be able to see the house which preserves many souvenirs of the childhood of Uncle Ho during the years he lived here, the river, the boat landing, Am Ba temple, the first-seven-family worshipping house of the village. They are the places where Uncle Ho used to come to study and to play with his friends...

The childhood when he lived in Hue is an important period of development Uncle Ho's personality.