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Dieu De Pagoda


The pagoda is located at 100 Bach Dang street, Phu Cat district, in Hue city.

It was built by King Thieu Tri in 1844 on the platform (5,000m2) of his old residence, where he was born in 1807. 

The pagoda was constructed on a large scale, but was badly damaged during the successive wars. In 1889, Bonze Tam Truyen was granted fund by King Thanh Thai to restore the pagoda, but once again, it was badly damaged during a storm, in 1904. The present construction was made in 1953. The pagoda includes a main sanctuary with two statues of the Eight Vajra Deities. Behind the pagoda is a guest-room and a kitchen. In the courtyard stand a stele house and a bell tower. The two-storey entrance gate is topped with Dhamma Guardian's pavilion.

Located between Dong Ba and Gia Hoi bridge, the pagoda attracts many visitors.

Dieu De was the third site listed by King Thieu Tri in the 20 beauty spots of Hue.

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